For almost a generation, New Mobility has been guided by our beloved editor, Tim Gilmer. And now, as he retires, it is time to bid him farewell — although we trust he will not go far from these pages. This issue is dedicated to Tim, from tributes by staff and freelancers to excerpts of a few of his greatest articles.

Tim-Gilmer-Illustration-by-Doug-DavisThanks, Tim
We rounded up the usual suspects to join us in sharing a word for the man who made us all look our best.

From the Bully Pulpit
How can such a small column have such a large impact? Perhaps because Tim Gilmer’s formula is one part heart, one part soul, and two parts authenticity.

Stop the Presses!
In every significant national event, wheelchair users are involved. Tim Gilmer and Josie Byzek reflect on how New Mobility tells our stories.