Over the course of his tenure at NEW MOBILITY, Tim received an on-the-job education in SCI research and medical issues. Publisher Jean Dobbs, who hired Tim, recalls how he had little interest in “cure” at the time. “He wasn’t up to speed on hot topics like stem cell research when he started,” she says. “But he put in the time to really grasp the science, and now he’s our resident expert on everything to do with restoration of function.”

In some ways, the fact that his knowledge was tied to his personal experience was a good thing. He started in the same place as many of NM’s readers, and unfortunately, more than a few of the doctors and therapists who treat them. After all, finding specific, sound medical advice on how to manage the secondary complications of living with a spinal cord injury is like searching for an accessible cab in New York City.

Armed with the connections and resources of NM, he compiled the best available knowledge on a host of medical subjects