Cover Stories

A Touch of Nature: Accessing Our National Parks

Ashley Lyn Olson launches her Access to Parks Project by exploring three of the national parks that enrich America.

A Day in the Life of Four Wheelers

Ever wonder how other wheelchair users organize their days? We asked four wheelers to let us tag along with them for one day.

Adaptive Outdoor Adventure Sports

Safe thrills from aerial gliding to ziplining.

ADA: A People’s History

A comprehensive look back at the law that changed our lives for the better.

The Crisis in Home Care: Will Personal Assistance Disappear?

The Department of Labor wants all personal care workers to receive at least minimum wage and overtime. It seems only fair, but could it bring on more problems than solutions?

The Transformation of Regan Linton

Just like everyone, she had doubts and fears after her spinal cord injury. But for actor Regan Linton, that identity crisis led to a career of role-playing — and it was on the stage that she discovered her true self.