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The Transformation of Regan Linton

Just like everyone, she had doubts and fears after her spinal cord injury. But for actor Regan Linton, that identity crisis led to a career of role-playing — and it was on the stage that she discovered her true self.

Second Chance Rehab

Rehab following spinal cord injury has changed. Exciting opportunities for some degree of recovery are becoming available in the fields of exercise therapy, robotics and electro-stimulation.

Disney Universe: Changing, But Still Magical

It’s the Happiest Place on Earth. Is it also the most accessible?

To the Altar and Beyond

Brian and Tiff get a second chance at true love — after Brian’s accident. Also: Getting physical when physicality is limited.

Person of the Year: Jason DaSilva

When successful documentary filmmaker Jason DaSilva was diagnosed with MS at the age of 25, everything changed — except his desire to make films.

Celebrating 25 Years of New Mobility

Readers share how New Mobility changed their lives.

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    So Here’s How It ‘Works’

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  • Willis Washington

    Oklahoma: Preventing the Unthinkable

    In 2009, the unthinkable almost happened when the Oklahoma Health Care Authority came close to stopping providing durable medical equipment to anyone over the age of 21.

  • United Spinal News: May 2015

    United Spinal News: May 2015

    CRT Bill Reintroduced in the House; Rep Crowley Visits United Spinal; Mayor’s Challenge; Planning Access in Minnesota; United Goes to the Movies

  • Roll on Capitol Hill: High Stakes Issues

    Roll on Capitol Hill: High Stakes Issues

    Everything you need to know to advocate for better Transportation, Complex Rehab Technology and Medicaid — whether you attend Roll on Capitol Hill or not.

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