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The Future's Smartchairs are Here

What if your wheelchair could tell you when it was going to need maintenance or when you needed a pressure release? Or what if it could drive you from point to point without you having to steer? The time is now.

April 2018

accessible gardeningaccessible gardening

Accessible Gardening

Spring is almost here and there’s no better time to start planning and planting your dream garden. Whether indoors, outdoors or upside down — flowers, foliage or food-focused — the options are plentiful.

March 2018

sex wheelchairs relationshipsdisabled couples

Sex, Wheels & Relationships Issue

Couples We Love

Four couples speak candidly about their relationships in and out of the bedroom. Also, a book about “inter-abled” relationships, keeping a medical secret from every person you’ve loved and the latest adaptive sex toys.

February 2018

2017 PEOPLE OF THE YEAR: Yannick Benjamin & Alex ElegudinYannick Benjamin & Alex Elegudin

People of the Year

In recognition of their contributions to the disability community, we are proud to honor Alex Elegudin and Yannick Benjamin as our 2017 New Mobility People of the Year.

January 2018

flying with a wheelchair, mik scarlet, working with a disability

Flying the Unfriendly Skies

Today more wheelchair users are taking to the skies than ever, but outdated laws and training of airline staff haven’t caught up to that reality yet.

December 2017

Consumer Guide of disability products and services

2018 Consumer Guide

Adaptive products and adaptive lifestyles go hand in hand. Our annual Consumer Guide shows you the tech — and the techniques — for living fully on wheels.

November 2017

Independence: A Quad’s Definition

There’s more to independence than simply being able to do everything for yourself. We asked a handful of quads with caregivers how they define independence and how their definitions have changed since they were injured.

October 2017

  • accessible-cooking

My Three-Step Plan for Happy, Accessible Cooking

Not only is cooking a meal for your family satisfying, but it may be easier than you think.

  • Patient-advocate

Finding My Patient Advocate

I needed someone who could navigate within the system. I needed a case manager who could also be a patient advocate.

  • ADA-complaint

Filing an ADA Complaint is Easier Than You Think

Have you ever gone out to a restaurant only to discover there is no accessible parking? Or worse yet, the restrooms are not accessible?

Making Sense of Your Metabolism & Making the Most of Your Body

Why wheelchair users should keep tabs on their metabolism.

  • Van Brooks

Van Brooks Keeping His Community SAFE

Van Brooks’ free education-centered nonprofit for kids is transforming his Baltimore community.

  • tech jobs for wheelchair users

Tech Jobs: The Future is Now

Technology is transforming work, and for wheelchair users willing to take advantage, there are more opportunities available than ever.

  • Compiled images with two wheelchair rugby players going after a ball, superimposed over Phoenix skyline with 2018 USQRA Wheelchair Rugby National Championships in text

Ability 360 Hosts 30th Annual Wheelchair Rugby National Championships

The 30th annual USQRA National Championships are being held in Phoenix and can be watched online.

  • Airbnb-accessibility-filters

Airbnb Adds Detailed Accessibility Filters to Search Engine

Airbnb has added detailed accessibility filters to its home rental search engine

  • plastic-straws

How Will a Ban on Plastic Straws Affect You?

Banning plastic straws is good for the environment, but potentially bad for disability access.

  • Kate Willette

The Promise of Epidural Stimulation

I struggle when it comes to the idea of going to Bangkok for a stimulator that’s manufactured by an American company.

What’s New in Accessible Vehicles for 2018

Shopping for an accessible vehicle has changed over the last few years.

  • José Hernandez

Man About Town José Hernandez

José’s road to being an outspoken advocate started when he attended a meeting of United Spinal’s New York City chapter.

Other Recent Articles

Dreaming of a Prettier Chair

Despite the new technology and functions, the “cosmetic” design leaves much room for improvement.

Following a Dream

Following a dream she had one night, Kristina Rhoades and her husband quit their jobs, sold their home and moved to New Mexico. After a career in sales, she turned her focus to creating desert retreat experiences for people with disabilities and other groups.

Problems With Rental Car Hand Controls

Q. Do you know if it’s legal to supply your own hand controls for use when renting cars? I have tried more than once and was refused the car rental — they said I could not use my own hand controls.

Trump Administration: The Rule of Prejudice

The rule of law is under attack, especially the civil rights of minorities, immigrants and people with disabilities.

Tennessee Chapter of United Spinal Hosts Second Annual Camp United

Last year the United Spinal chapter of Tennessee hosted Camp United, an outdoor adaptive sports day in Nashville. After a successful first run, they are upping the stakes with the second annual Camp United on May 20.