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Surviving Modern RehabSurviving Modern Rehab

Surviving Modern Rehab: A Tale of Two Injuries

Edie Perkins and Ashton Fritz both survived traumatic spinal cord injuries in the last 18 months, but their journeys to and through rehab couldn’t have been more different.

October 2018

Women in wheelchairs to watchwomwn in wheelchairs to watch

Women to Watch: 5 Under 40

They may not be household names yet, but they are making big impacts in their respective fields, and you’ll be glad we told you to keep an eye on their budding careers.

September 2018

Parenting from a Wheelchair

The Parenting Issue

Seth McBride, Stephanie Arrache and Teal Sherer break down the early years of raising children and share how they — and their kids — have adapted to parenting with a wheelchair.

August 2018

Celebrating Tim

For almost a generation, New Mobility has been guided by our beloved editor, Tim Gilmer. And now, as he retires, it is time to bid him farewell — although we trust he will not go far.

July 2018

Erik Howk one of the most visible wheelchair-using musicians in the world

Eric Howk. The Man

Find out what it’s like being one of the most visible wheelchair-using musicians in the world, what life is like on the road and what went on behind the scenes at the Grammys.

June 2018

wheelchair accessible travel Yellowstone and Grand Tetonwheelchair accessible travel Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Exploring Yellowstone & Grand Teton

Two of our most stunning national parks offer more access to nature than ever before, but still leave much beyond the reach of people with mobility limitations.

May 2018

The Future's Smartchairs are Here

What if your wheelchair could tell you when it was going to need maintenance or when you needed a pressure release? Or what if it could drive you from point to point without you having to steer? The time is now.

April 2018

  • accessible collector cars
  • accessible collector cars

Collector Cars

Collector cars are even cooler when they are tricked out for owners with disabilities. Check out some of the coolest rides.

  • Megan Hammond

Megan Hammond: A Quick Study

A former teacher who blogs about wheelchair life, Megan is dedicated to helping people find the resources they need after SCI.

Other Recent Articles

Bridging the SCI Injury Site

This month’s story involves giving the brain a chance to reconnect to the cord below the injury site in a different, and potentially more exciting, way.

Pulling Back the Curtain

For anyone wagering on how long it would take for New Mobility to be in the hotseat under my tenure as editor, all bets are now off: It only took one month.

Jumping the Cure Line

I imagine there is some set of etiquette rules that cripples are supposed to follow when lining up for treatments and cures, eh?

Feeding the Good Wolf

“The Good Wolf” is a new film that shares Crossfit athlete and paraplegic Mino Solomon’s life since the 2015 weightlifting accident that paralyzed him.

GoFundMe Success Stories

GoFundMe spokesperson Katherine Cichy says her team has seen a rise in women with disabilities creating campaigns to support them in their unique journeys of self-acceptance, body positivity and independence.