Great Travel Destination
As a quadriplegic for over 33 years, I was fascinated to read the “Wheeling in Cuba” article

[August 2016]. Approximately 15 years ago I traveled to Key West, and at that point I thought to myself that Cuba, only 90 miles away, would be a great travel destination. This article shows that although accessibility is very limited, the time is now for Cuba to become a wonderful destination for individuals with physical disabilities. The article also made me appreciate so many of the accessibility amenities that we have in the U.S. as a result of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Sheri Denkensohn-Trott

Now We See
What is Cuban life really like? Now we finally get a glimpse, along with three wheelers with SCIs who set off on a quest of a lifetime to get a firsthand look at Cuban society through their unique lens [“Wheeling in Cuba”]. I began reading the piece with an idea that I would encounter frustratingly chuckle-worthy accessibility disasters as the travelers recounted tales from an archaic land. There were some, but many more delightful surprises than not.
Richard Bagby