Praise for Atlantis
I strongly disagree with a reader’s comment —  “Sounds like my trip to Mexico, no accessibility anywhere” — on the NM website regarding my article

[“Discovering the (Mostly) Accessible Atlantis Resort,” June 2016]: On the contrary, Atlantis was incredibly accessible. The management and staff not only listened to my concerns but actually changed policies and incorporated suggestions to improve access. They exceeded standard ADA accommodations by assisting with transfers, having beach and water wheelchairs, accommodating my needs at the snorkeling and dolphin swim adventures, and propelling my raft through slow areas of their uber-accessible water ride, The Current. Once on this ride, guests never have to leave the water and are propelled in an endless loop of whitewater fun or up a slide tower via water conveyors where they can access two four-story waterslides. I hadn’t been on a water slide since my injury. Their can-do attitude provided access above and beyond any theme park or resort in the United States.
Ellen Stohl
Northridge, California

Stem Cell Hopes
I would just say tread carefully. People can get better on their own [“Stem Cell Trials Show Improved Hand Function, Sensation and Bladder Awareness,” June 2016]. I was a quadriplegic from the nose down but within a month or two, I was a T5 paraplegic. There is no definitive way to assign causality to the treatments. It will take a while before they will know anything