Kary WrightMost of us come to believe that we really know nature and the outdoors by experiencing it for an hour or two every now and then. In reality, there is much more going on out there the 99% of the time that we are not present, and wild creatures are very good at hiding themselves while watching us pass by. A great way to look deeper into their world is to set up trail cameras.

Also known as game cameras, trail cameras are self-contained, battery-powered devices that take a picture or video when motion sensors are triggered. They are often used by hunters to see what wildlife is in the area and are useful as surveillance cameras in remote situations where Wi-Fi is out of range.

Some cameras use cell phone technology to automatically send you pictures when triggered. These are great for hard-to-reach areas and even better for people with mobility issues. They also allow you to check images without disturbing the area or leaving your scent behind and possibly discouraging wildlife from returning. The disadvantage is they come with a cell phone bill.