Mary Twohey loves working with partners who are passionate about quality supplements.

Mary Twohey loves working with partners who are passionate about quality supplements.

Mary Twohey loved helping people as part of her job at an independent living center but says she couldn’t turn down the opportunity to become a partner of the vitamin company, Ubee Nutrition. “I’ve always been concerned about health, especially after SCI,” she says about what drew her to the supplement field. “I’m thrilled to be working with great people who value quality.”

The company uses no additives, fillers or flow agents, which Twohey says can cause gastric upset. “Our approach is fresh, handcrafted. We get an order, and the bottle is often made that day and sent out.”

Twohey, a quad, knows first-hand how important this approach can be for a customer’s health. In 2016, six months after she became a partner, she came down with a terrible UTI. “When I got out of the hospital, the four partners sat down and decided we wanted to do something all natural and proactive, instead of waiting for an infection and get­ting antibiotics.”

Tasked with doing the research and talking with health pro­fessionals, Twohey dug into which natural products could make a good preventative. This process led her to D-mannose, cran­berry juice and vitamin C, “and I thought how cool if our product included not only those three but turmeric to help with pain and inflammation,” she says. “So we came up with a blend called ProFlo and started selling it and getting positive feedback. You notice right away your pee looks better. It’s not a cure all, but taking it regularly helps improve the health of your bladder and urinary system.” She takes two in the morning, two at night, “and if I notice something going on, I’ll take two right away and up my water intake.”

ProFlow retails for $24 a bottle and is available on Ubee’s website,

Photo courtesy of Florida SBDC at Pinellas County Economic Development