Pimp Your Van for #Vanlife

Let’s say you’re interested in trying the #Vanlife. Maybe not as a permanent residence or even in a van necessarily, but you’d like to explore more and slumber somewhere other than your house. Maybe it’s the call of the wild, the crackling of a campfire and the smell of burning marshmallows that pulls you in. Maybe it’s the bucket list of places that you’ve yet to see with your kids, or maybe you just want to sleep so close to Walmart that you can go shopping within 50 feet of your pillow. Whatever the reason is, to help you on your journey I’ve compiled a list of things I find incredibly useful as a solo adaptive Vanlifer.

Plan Your Escape

Whether I’m sleeping outside of a friend’s house or in the middle of Nowhere, Alaska, I always think about how I can reach help if needed. Having communication is one of th