Mike ErvinI have a question for everybody out there who was once a criplet. When you played with your favorite childhood dolls, did you ever wish those dolls were crippled like you?

My doll of choice when I was a criplet in the 1960s was G.I. Joe. I had several that I played elaborate war games with, although if you called G.I. Joe a doll to my face back then, I would’ve spit fire back at you. G.I. Joe wasn’t a doll, dammit! Girls played with dolls! He was an action figure! G.I. Joe was a soldier, or a sailor, or an Air Force guy, depending on how you dressed him that day. He wasn’t some wimpy-ass Ken! G.I. Joe was buff and rugged. Some G.I. Joes had beards. No Kens had beards. Ken was a scrawny, preppy, spoiled-b