Seth McBrideA fresh coat of paint can work miracles. There’s no easier way to transform your home, boost your happiness and, if you own the property, up your equity. As an added bonus, painting doesn’t require the specialized knowledge most other modifications demand and is manageable whatever your function. With the right tools and some hard work, your newly colorful abode will be the envy of your neighbors’ eyes. Here are some tips on tackling the basics.

You Take the High Road, I’ll Take the Low

Every painting project I’ve done has been with my wife, Kelly, and other family members. Over the years, we’ve developed a system that works well for us, one that should be familiar to any wheelers who’ve done projects with nondisabled partners. The gist of it is: I do whatever big areas I can reach, while Kelly gets the high stuff and any detail work. Not that the delineation of detail work had much to d