Vantage Mobility International, a wheelchair accessible vehicle company based in Phoenix, Arizona, is giving away $2,500 Amex gift cards to three entrants in its “Pilot Your Life” contest.

These gift cards may be used toward the purchase of an adapted vehicle, but doing so is not a requirement for winning. The only requirement for entry is to share how the newly adapted VMI Honda Pilot would enhance your life.

The Honda Pilot marks VMI’s first foray into accessible SUVs. It features a manual vehicle ramp that can be stored and hidden within the floor of the vehicle, space for 360 degrees of maneuverability and 58 inches of headroom for large power wheelchair users. It has a removable front passenger seat and rear doors with a high and wide clearance so wheelchair users have plenty of space to enter and exit the vehicle.

While VMI sells a variety of vehicles designed to be independently operated by wheelchair users, the Honda Pilot is marketed as a “caregiver vehicle,” meaning that it will be most useful for wheelchair users with caregiver assistance. The passenger seat is removable but the driver’s seat is not, and the lever that pulls the ramp from its compartment within the floor is designed to be operated from the outside.

To get more details and submit your story, visit the Vantage Mobility website by June 1. VMI will choose nine of the most compelling stories for the public to vote on; the three entries with the most votes will win.