There are a growing number of sexual enhancement devices that are easier to use for every body (and everybody) and adapt to your individual needs and preferences. Here’s a look at a few.

Perfect Pleasure CushionPerfect Pleasure Cushion

The Perfect Pleasure Cushion ($399) is a Liberator wedge on steroids. A cross between a foam wedge and a toy mount, the Perfect Pleasure Cushion was invented by a woman who lost mobility in her arm and couldn’t hold her vibrator anymore. Unhappy with existing toy mounts, she created the Perfect Pleasure Cushion. It is good for holding vibrators, sleeves, or dildos; providing support for intercourse and optimal positioning for cunnilingus. It’s waterproof, washable and when not in use for sex it serves beautifully as a backrest or lap tray! The cushion allows for adjustable, hands-free use of toys and offers a way to experim