There are a growing number of sexual enhancement devices that are easier to use for every body (and everybody) and adapt to your individual needs and preferences. Here’s a look at a few.

Perfect Pleasure CushionPerfect Pleasure Cushion

The Perfect Pleasure Cushion ($399) is a Liberator wedge on steroids. A cross between a foam wedge and a toy mount, the Perfect Pleasure Cushion was invented by a woman who lost mobility in her arm and couldn’t hold her vibrator anymore. Unhappy with existing toy mounts, she created the Perfect Pleasure Cushion. It is good for holding vibrators, sleeves, or dildos; providing support for intercourse and optimal positioning for cunnilingus. It’s waterproof, washable and when not in use for sex it serves beautifully as a backrest or lap tray! The cushion allows for adjustable, hands-free use of toys and offers a way to experiment with a variety of new sex positions due to its ability to form multiple shapes.


the LOVE BENCHAdvertising itself as, “The only sex furniture designed for people with short stature and those with limited mobility,” the LOVE BENCH ($325) is the brainchild of sex educator Marylou Naccarato, Ph.D. Born with a rare form of dwarfism, she wanted to be “on top” but it was too difficult on her hips and knees, and she did not have the strength to hold herself up with her arms to compensate.

The LOVE BENCH is narrow, low, and padded, which allows creative positions like cowgirl or reverse cowgirl without putting extra strain on joints or weight on your partner. It is useful for massage and exercise too. The LOVE BENCH is custom made to fit your individual measurements. It is also good for people who have hip and knee limitations resulting from joint implants, and cleans up easily.

Umie vibratorUmie

Many new vibrators have tiny little controls that are molded into the design, making them a real challenge to turn on and off, or adjust. Thankfully Tantriss has developed a new vibrator, Umie ($149), that comes with a great app. Once turned on, which takes me two hands for any of these, it automatically connects via Bluetooth with an iPhone or Android device, and the excitement starts from there. Intensity and heat can be controlled (and wow, this is a strong rechargeable vibrator), and its five modes include sound (“Hey Umie, a little faster”); multimedia, where you can choose a song or video from your library and then Umie moves to the music; and a preset that has eight different waveforms to choose from. Umie is waterproof and there is even a dynamic battery level indicator.


FinFin ($75) is a small vibrator from Dame with an optional tether that slides over two fingers, making it great if you have no grip. It has a good size on/off/three speed control that you can press with your hand or even against your chin. It’s water resistant and has great power for its small size. Dame also makes Eva ($95), a clitoral stimulator, which could be set in place by you or a helper. It stays in place with the help of two flexible wings that tuck under the labia to tickle your fancy with no hands.

Tenga also makes a line of small finger vibes ($14-17 on Amazon) — the VI-Bo Finger Orb, VI-Bo Hand Orb, VI-Bo Ring Orb and the VI-Bo Stick Orb — that are all great for those with limited hand function. They share an inexpensive yet effective vibrating orb with an on/off switch easy enough for many.

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