Meet Wheelchair Man, the brainchild of Afghanistan-born Boston resident Mohammad Sayed who is bringing his story of “wheel life” heroism to the pages of a brand new comic series in hopes of empowering children with disabilities.

“Wheelchair Man is based on my real life story,” says Sayed. “He is the first Afghan American Superhero. His mission is one of hope and peace. He can make a criminal see the consequence of their crimes before they’re committed, and he has the power to not use violence. It’s more than just a comic book character. Wheelchair Man is hope, motivation and peace. I was one of those kids who never gave up. I want to pay it forward and inspire children around the world to triumph over tragedy.”

Sayed is no stranger to overcoming tragedy. Growing up in Afghanistan, he lost his mother to cancer when he was 5. Just days later, a bomb blast hit his home paralyzing him from the chest down. His father rushed him to a hospital in Kabul and never returned for him.