Wheelchair users have been “rolling” with laughter over the recently popular Tumblr blog, “The Disabled Life.” The brainchild of Canadian sisters Jessica and Lianna Oddi, this illustrative blog puts a hilarious yet brutally honest spin on navigating life in a wheelchair and documents the “jerks and perks of living the disabled life.”

Both talented artists and graphic designers, the sisters were born with a rare genetic condition similar to spinal muscular atrophy and have used wheelchairs for most of their lives. They said the idea for the blog came about organically when they decided to mesh their sarcastic sense of humor, artistic talent and real life experiences.

“Well we’ve both always had this kind of humor, and our friends heard most of these stories all the time. So why not share it online?” says Jessica Oddi, 24. “It started with Twitter, but since we’re both artists, we decided to start a blog so we could draw comics. It seemed the perfect way to merge the two things we love, drawing and sarcasm!”

From likening their Hoyer lift experience to Miley Cyrus’ infamous “Wrecking Ball” video, and tales of awkward online dating to the struggle