Here are four companies that provide height-adjustable wheelchair accessible kitchens featuring cabinets and microwaves that lift or lower with the push of a button:


Pressalit Care Indivo Kitchen

Pressalit, based in Denmark, manufactures the hardware that raises and lowers kitchen cabinets and other household features. Its hardware is used in products sold in the U.S. through Patient Safety USA. Prices are not available on the website, so contact Patient Safety for a quote.

Freedom Lift Services

Good news — Freedom Lift Services lists prices of height-adjustable kitchen features right on its website! Bad news — it’s pricey. But knowing what items cost may help you budget for the features you want the most.


The German company Tielsa makes a fully-adjustable kitchen that won last year’s Smart Kitchen Summit Startup Cookoff. Drawers open and close with a simple push. And it’s a “connected kitchen,” which means you control its height-adjustable features with your smartphone. These stylish kitchens start at $8,000, and since the company is aiming at premium and designer markets, expect the total to be much more.

Barrier Free Architecturals

Barrier Free offers a wall cabinet lift, adjustable shelving, adjustable counter lifts, and an appliance lift. Prices are not available on the website, so you have to call for a quote.

Here’s a shout out to Minna Hong, the Peer Support Coordinator for Shepherd Center, for help in constructing this list.