These days you can’t roll too far in Portland, Oregon, without stumbling upon a marijuana dispensary. Medical marijuana has been legal in Oregon since 1998, but since the voters of Oregon overwhelmingly voted to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2014, the industry has caught fire faster than a perfectly rolled joint. With a whopping 167 dispensaries within the city limits, the green cross identifying the businesses has become one of the city’s most ubiquitous signs. With literally thousands of people applying for licenses to sell recreational marijuana statewide, there are millions of dollars pouring into the industry, and also into the state’s coffers — the state collected $3.48 million in taxes in January 2016 alone, far surpassing its wildest estimates. It is easier than ever before to get marijuana in Oregon.

So you can imagine Jeremy John Robbins’ surprise when he received a certified letter from the owner of the farm that had grown his medical marijuana, informing him that he would no longer be able to grow for him. The grower had decided to focus on the burgeoning recreational market and had to declare that he would no longer grow medicinal marijuana. Robbins, 40, has used medical marijuana since 2001 to reduce his spasms, help his neurological pain and cope with PTSD since he was paralyzed in 1999.