BobOct14Q. I’m 57 years old, in my 40th year as a T12 complete para. Five weeks ago I was in my chair getting dressed with my left leg crossed and resting on my right knee while I put on my shoe. When I leaned forward to tie the shoe, I heard a dull pop and my left knee dropped. Within moments my mouth went dry and my heart started racing — I knew I had broken my left hip.

At the emergency room, X-rays confirmed I had broken my left trochanter (the bone that leads from the femur to the ball that fits in the socket) in two places. An orthopedist said my fracture would heal on its own if I wore an orthotic brace and kept my leg quiet for three to four months. Another orthopedist came in later and said he could stabilize it by inserting a “long intramedullary nail” (long rod) the length of my femur and running a sliding hip screw through an angled hole near the top of the IM nail to secure the trochanter and hip ball.  

I opted