Those Who Went Before: Thanks
Our fight is continuous …

[“ADA: A People’s History,” July 2015]. Even though my voice is not always heard, my presence can’t be ignored. Thank you to those who have gone before us to make way for the future. Happy 25th anniversary to the fight!
Barthenia Rochester, Peer Support Specialist,
Independent Resources, Inc.

ADA Not for Disabled
I’ve been using a wheelchair for nearly 34 years, and when the Americans with Disabilities Act went into effect on July 26, 1992, I was very excited! [“25 Years of ADA,” July 2015]. Unfortunately for the disabled community, the ADA merely recognizes one’s disabilities … nothing more than that. For the nondisabled community, the ADA is great! Just think of all those blue placards hanging from rear-view mirrors in your local Wal-Mart parking lot! For those of us who need the ADA, it does next to nothing. For those people exploiting its benefits solely for conveniences like closer parking spaces, the ADA is great!
Joe Reto
Brick, New Jersey

On the Hamster Wheel
Your column on the ADA [Bully Pulpit: “