Nakoda_Kite_flyingIt is a beautiful spring day, the sun is shining, the grass is green and we are enjoying father-daughter time out at the farm. We are hunting a common prairie pest, the gopher. These little creatures are much like a ground squirrel, but their burrows are dangerous to horses and cattle, so we keep their numbers down. My daughter has walked over the hill, and I sit back at the wheelchair accessible portions of the field with our trusty yellow lab, Nakoda.

“Now you stay back here with me, I’m going to be shooting so you can’t go out in front of me,” I say to Nakoda. She looks into my eyes, walks calmly back and lies down right beside me with an exaggerated sigh. I move forward to position myself for the shot and feel my wheel drop into a rut. Uh-oh, I try to back out, only to spin down deeper.