Here Comes the Trike King
Bryan KingBryan King, 37, a T3-4 paraplegic from Imperial, Calif., was always the cool guy long before he ruled the roads on his custom trike. During his senior year of high school, King was drafted by the Houston Astros as a pitcher.

But his pro career was cut short from a bone spur in his shoulder. “I was pitching really well … until the last month-and-a-half of the season. During one of my starts in the fourth or fifth inning, I threw a pitch and I felt a pop. Right away I knew something wasn’t right,” he says.

“I braced up for another pitch and tried to throw a fastball. Well, I could only throw about 60 mph and that was throwing with all I could. It hurt like hell, my eyes teared up and I knew my career was over.”