Originally published May-June 1994
Ed Roberts: Interviewed by Lucy Gwin


Ed Roberts

If you’re on a respirator (this gets very personal for me) often the state won’t give you the care you need. They give you to an institution. The segregation is so bad, the situation so awful, that people don’t see any hope for themselves.

So you say you want to die and you wind up getting help from lawyers. Lawyers often do this pro bono, help you go to court because “I really feel for you,” and you get a judge who will say, “Oh you poor man, your life is so bad, and you have no future and I can see why you want to kill yourself.”

That outrages me. The issue is not the right to die. The issue is to offer services to people who live in their own apartments with attendant services. Then pretty soon they can get back to life. …

Despite all this, I remain optimistic. We are going to bring m