Science Geek Turns Soldier for Cure
When a deer jumped in front of her Honda Pilot during an early drive to work, Lynne Dorr, 47, of Blaine, Minn., suddenly found herself a C4-6 quad. Since becoming paralyzed, she has focused on trying to find a cure. A single mom who worked tirelessly for the National Bone Marrow Program before her injury, Dorr grew up learning anything she could about medicine and biology. “I’m a science geek by nature and I believe in medicine and technology.” She says that she believes science will one day bring about treatments “to give me back use of my body.”

Lynn DorrA bachelor’s in biology helped Dorr get her former position, a job she misses, but she continues to stay retired and is focusing on her next career goal — becoming an advocate for the cure. “Right now I’m starting an online program with the University of Phoenix to obtain a bachelor’s degree in communication with an emphasis in communication and technology.”

Her goal is to use her latest education, along with the biology degree, and combine that with her 20-plus years of learning about science and research, to help educate people about spinal cord injury as well as advocate for research and a cure.

Dorr has also been actively involved with the group behind the effort to bring publicly funded SCI research to Minnesota — Get Up Stand Up 4 Cur