Personal Connection
I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your February cover story

[“Kaitlyn & Greg: Spirited, Sexy & Sweet,” February 2014]. The charismatic, adventurous couple that Mary Tolan so wonderfully captured in her writing — and Loren Worthington in his photos — literally brought a smile to my face.

I felt a personal connection to the story because it reminded me of my husband, Ali, and me. We met surfing with “Life Rolls On.” I was the surfer and he was one of the volunteers helping me surf. Like Greg, Ali never had an issue with my disability. In fact, he has always been so comfortable with my disability that it has made me more comfortable with it.

Kaitlyn and Greg have such beautiful spirits, and their passion for life and each other are a great reminder to us all. Thanks for sharing their story. And by the way, I voted for the “Sexy” cover and was sooooo happy when I pulled your magazine out of my mailbox and saw it had been chosen.
Teal Sherer (
Los Angeles, California

I really like the article about my brother [“Jeff Shannon: Two Views of a Life,” February 2014]. I want you to know that more than one inmate came to me over the weeks [the writer counsels inmates in a prison], saying that though they didn’t know how to grieve when they lost their own family members over their years of incarceration, that they went through the grieving process with me after my brother died, in a way that helped them heal the wounds of unprocessed losses. Very profound, that Jeff became sort of a “surrogate” for them. Interconnectedness seems to be the big message here, and the power of love. Thanks so much. It is a blessing that yo