Westin-Bonaventure-Hotel-3We asked which chains have proven to be the most accessible for you and your family during your travels, and not surprisingly, the answers reflected the same pattern as our question about reliable reservations. But there were some differences.

• Hilton Hotels & Resorts, at 67 responses, smoked the competition, and 27 of these were for the Hampton Inn alone. Hilton Garden Inn, Embassy Suites, DoubleTree and Homewood Suites each received less than 5 responses. Interestingly, those of you who took the survey find Hilton’s accessibility to be more reliable than Hilton’s honoring of room reservations. But keep in mind the survey allowed multiple responses, and some of you chose Hilton and Hampton Inn, thus giving the chain two responses from one person.

• Marriott received 44 responses, and its brands, Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield Inn and Suites, and Springfield Suites, each received less than five responses.

•  Holiday Inn scored 32, with roughly half going to the actual Holiday Inn, and half to the Holiday Inn Express.

• Choice brings up the rear with 17 responses divided pretty evenly between Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites, and a smatter