Kitchen1When fate put me on wheels in 2000, it did nothing to change the appetites of my husband and son. We had just moved into a custom “forever” home on a ranch far from fast food and delivery. I cooked and cursed my unforgiving, existing kitchen for 10 years before implementing the “perfect wheelchair kitchen plan.”

Today, with a few years of “perfection” under my belt, I am forced to admit I spent thousands in perfectly good cash on stuff that sounded good. Meanwhile, I am getting big bang for the buck on ideas that cost under $50.

Don’t get me wrong, my small kitchen is packed with ideas that make it easier for me to put food on the table. But you can take a gourmet cruise by not doing some of what I did. Help yourself!

The Good, The Bad and The Expensive
Fortunately, I “accidentally” did several things right in the original kitchen before my accident: