9413321378_bca408447e_mMartin Harris, a 21-year-old British college student, has created one of the most groundbreaking mobility devices in recent memory — the Walking Chair.

That’s right, there’s no “wheel” in this fantastical device. It’s a chair, but it doesn’t sit on wheels. Look closely — it moves via 12 steel legs working in pairs. The design enables the user to cross terrain wheelchairs can’t — snow, sand, mud, slopes. It isn’t however made to climb stairs. The legs are way too short.

It’s powered by a basic power wheelchair motor and driven by a joystick from a standard power chair as well. And the controllers are blissfully simple — press forward to go forward, pull backwards to go back.

I believe this chair is a first. I’ve seen drawings of such spindly-legged devices on art scribblings online, even the beginning of college thesis, but to see it to finally come to life is freaking awesome.

Martin, an able-bodied student at the University of Derby, cannot take credit for the brilliant leg design itself — it’s straight from artist Theo Jansen,