Beyond insurer funding cuts and mobility industry trends, the one genre that continues innovating year after year is the ultralight rigid manual wheelchair. Approaching its 40th anniversary, the ultralight rigid is lighter, sleeker and, yes, sexier than ever, with the new models pushing performance and style even further for 2013.

More Curves
That’s TiLite’s tagline for the TR Series 3 — more curves — and it’s fitting, to say the least. The TR Series has been TiLite’s flagship rigid model since 1998, and the third generation takes from the best and makes it even better. For starters, the TR Series 3 is unique in today’s ultralight rigid market in that it’s among the few closed, “dual tube” frames. Whereas most ultralight rigids are now made of single side frame tubes (referred to as a “mono tube” or “cantilever” frame design), the TR Series 3 has both a seat tube and front-to-back lower tube that creates an enclosed side frame. The result is that the TR Series 3 offers among the most rigid — meaning propulsion efficient — frames on the market. However, the TR Series 3 frame design shouldn’t be confused with cumbersome or heavy — and this is where more curves comes in.