You’ve heard it before: “The first few years of my disability were so scary I did very little and ran away from everything.” You know the feeling: the trauma of sudden disability that drops on you like an anvil. But these words come from a man who went on to be selected six times to the U.S. Wheelchair Basketball Team, win 10 U.S. Open Wheelchair Tennis titles and three medals in three different Paralympic sports, something no Olympian has ever done before or since. This man also won the Jack Gerhardt Award (equivalent to the Heisman Trophy for wheelers), was inducted into the Wheelchair Sports Hall of Fame and was Speaker of the Year for Toastmasters. Yes, Toastmasters–you’ve got to hang up the old jock strap sometime, even if you’re Randy Snow.

Randy Snow, holding his signature edition wheelchair, congratulates David Hall on his victory at the Quickie US Open.

So how did Snow go from feeling freak