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Michael Collins has been writing on disability issues for 22 years. He is...... This is an author bio.

Everyday Advocacy: Theater Seating Denied

Everyday Advocacy: Theater Seating Denied

I like movies, but a recent experience at a theater in New Jersey has left me upset.

Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: Historic Properties

Historic properties are required to comply with the applicable accessibil­ity guidelines to the maximum extent possible.

Motorvation: Recreational Vehicles - At Home on the Road

Motorvation: Recreational Vehicles – At Home on the Road

Traveling can be a logistical challenge for people who use wheelchairs and similar mobility devices.

Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: Changing Hand Controls

A hand control installer said they would not do the work unless I gave them a certificate from my driving school showing that I am legal to drive with hand controls.

Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: Jury Duty

Doing your civic duty is often “easier said than done” when it comes to federal courts, which are not covered by the ADA.

John Bevins loves finding, restoring and sharing his knowledge of amphicars.

Motorvation: Collector Cars

Wheelchair users can enjoy collector cars as much as anyone — with a few adaptations.

Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: Condo Accessibility

Although condos are not covered by the ADA, some features must be accessible under Fair Housing laws, and discrimination is illegal.

John Martinson uses a swingarm to load his chair onto his trike.

Motorvation: Motorcycles

There are many ways for wheelchair users to modify motorcycles and catch the wind once again.

Michael Collins

Everyday Advocacy: Driving for Ridesharing Companies

Should adaptive vehicle owners consider driving for ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft?

Affordable Vans and Cars

Affordable Vans and Cars

Driving a vehicle is a daily occurrence for most people, and an activity that is often taken for granted. Driving provides a means of leaving the home to work, shop, attain an education, travel great distances or enjoy time with friends. But for many people with disabilities, the cost of driving can create what seems […]