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Rory Cooper: The Man Behind the Technology

You may have never heard of Rory Cooper, but if you use a wheelchair or have a disability, there is a good chance you have used or benefitted from a product or invention he has been involved with.

May 2017

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Great American Getaways

This month we make our way from coast to coast, exploring five unique, accessible, affordable places you’ll want to visit on your next vacation.

April 2017

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Adaptive Clothing Shakes Up the World

From the runways of Los Angeles and Moscow to department stores and online shopping, adaptive fashion is moving out of designers’ basements and into the spotlight.

March 2017

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Sex, Wheels and Relationships: Women's Pleasure

This article is about sex and women’s pleasure. And not for the purpose of making babies or pleasing male counterparts. Just plain sex.

February 2017

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Cover Story

People of the Year: The Resisters

New Mobility's 2016 People of the Year are the resisters, those advocates who tirelessly fight back against the message of "better dead than disabled."

January 2017

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Cover Story

Paralympics: Rio 2016

Fear of Zika, budget woes and safety concerns didn’t keep the world’s top disabled athletes from rocking out at the 2016 Paralympics.

December 2016


  • self-reflection

The Importance of Self-Reflection

Staring up at ceiling tiles while in rehab helped Brook McCall cultivate a practice of self-reflection.

My Recent Experience Flying with my Power Chair

Flying was a mixed bag. My chair sustained damage, but was operable, and American Airlines was helpful.

  • mindfulness

Starting a Mindfulness-Based Meditation Practice

After my C7-8 spinal cord injury, I began a mindfulness-based meditation practice that has had a huge impact on my overall happiness.


Best Travel Products for Wheelchair Users

Here are some of the best travel products for wheelchair users.

Cool New Products Unveiled at ISS

The 33rd annual International Seating Symposium was chock full of new products that could help you live your life.

The Accessible Amusement Park in Your Own Backyard

Thrill seekers don’t have to fly all the way across the country to find one. Check out some local options.


  • Sam-Schmidt

Former IndyCar Driver Sam Schmidt Races Mario Andretti

Sam Schmidt, a former Indycar driver with quadriplegia, faced off against the legendary Mario Andretti. Unveils Redesigned Website's video library supports families dealing with SCI.

  • AHCA

Newly-Passed AHCA Dangerous for Disabled People

“AHCA will hurt people with disabilities through higher costs, less coverage, and a greater risk of institutionalization.”


Harsh Thakkar: Rebuilding Identity

A gunshot changed the course of his life. Wheelchair basketball helped him get back on track. Now he's helping others do the same.

Magical Day at the Beach

My wife and I have escaped the Canadian prairie winter to enjoy some outdoor time on the West Coast of British Columbia.

Crip Buzz: May 2017

Barbie's Inaccessible Dream House; Chairskater Aaron Fotheringham

Other Recent Articles

Annual Advocacy

Six years in, the Roll on Capitol Hill is going stronger than ever.

Reducing Pain with Fascial Release

The fibrous tissue around muscles and organs just may hold the key to relieving your pain.

SCI Life: May 2017

All-terrain mountain trike; Bruce Roberts, a C5 quad, a lifelong inventor and engineer; Swedish SCI Parenting

Demise of the Once-Mighty Crippled Circus Freaks

I imagine the circus boss might have been tempted to replace the striking crippled freaks with robots, had such things existed back then.

Opioids: The Beauty Within the Beast

Pain pills provide needed daily relief, and we know how to use them safely. But do we, really?