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SCI Anniversaries: Why Do We Celebrate Them?

Some have parties and some reflect quietly, but “Break Your Neck Day” or a “Quadaversary” is a very real thing. Tim Gilmer talks with 10 wheelers to try to understand the motivation and what people get out of this seemingly odd tradition.

August 2017

Making Your Home AccessibleSlide thumbnail

Making Your Home Accessible

Our reporters share ways to make the accessible home of your dreams more of a reality.

July 2017

Adaptive Outdoor AdventuresSlide thumbnail

Outdoor Recreation Programs for All

Summer is finally here, and we’ve got great recreation ideas including kayaking, sailing, hiking, camping, handcycling and more.

June 2017

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Rory Cooper: The Man Behind the Technology

You may have never heard of Rory Cooper, but if you use a wheelchair or have a disability, there is a good chance you have used or benefitted from a product or invention he has been involved with.

May 2017

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Great American Getaways

This month we make our way from coast to coast, exploring five unique, accessible, affordable places you’ll want to visit on your next vacation.

April 2017

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Adaptive Clothing Shakes Up the World

From the runways of Los Angeles and Moscow to department stores and online shopping, adaptive fashion is moving out of designers’ basements and into the spotlight.

March 2017


  • baclofen-pump

Saying Goodbye to the Baclofen Pump

He's had a Baclofen pump since his injury, but now it's time for something new.

  • Charlottesville-mom-of-Fields

Because #LoveConquersHate

Why should we care about helping the Charlottesville terrorist's quadriplegic mother? Because #LoveConquersHate.

  • healthcare

On Healthcare

When you lose faith in Congress, remember: this issue, healthcare — this one matters.


  • Surviving Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder of Fortune: Surviving Shoulder Surgery

Thirty years of pushing his chair left Ned with little choice but surgery. The road to redemption was longer and harder than anticipated.

  • accessible rv

Wanted: An RV That Fits Your Needs

The open road can be your friend, and your home, thanks to accessible RVs.

  • Managing Your personal care assistants

The Business of Managing Your PCAs

Between hiring, scheduling and payroll, managing personal care assistants amounts to running a small business.


Denver Broke Vision Zero Policy by Ticketing Wheelchair User

Denver broke its own Vision Zero policy by citing the wheelchair user who was struck by an SUV.

Tobii, Microsoft Collaborate to Add Eye-Tracking to Windows 10

Microsoft and Tobii teamed up to add eye-tracking tech to Windows 10.

  • Krip-Hop

Krip-Hop Nation Celebrates 10th Anniversary of First Album

Krip-Hop Nation celebrates the 10th anniversary with a 24-track double album.


  • Erin Gildner

Erin Gildner: Passion and Purpose

Her injury led her to public speaking, and that helped her find her passion for public health and the purpose she had been lacking.

  • service dogs

‘Rescue’ Dog

It is a major inconvenience dropping some important item when you are a quad and can’t pick it up.

  • Devon Boyd

SCI Life: August 2017

Devon Boyd's YouTube channel; A video game with a purpose; On-demand taxi service in SoCal

Other Recent Articles

Consider Airstream RV Travel

I travel with my hotel room behind my SUV. Actually, it’s not a hotel room; it’s an Airstream, and I camp with it. Well, that is if you consider traveling with everything, including a microwave and a flat-screen TV, actually camping.

Vetting Potential Hires

After years of using services to hire personal care attendants — and having to work with whomever shows up — I’ve developed a system to vet potential PCA hires, help avoid toxic hires and find the best employees.

Avocados to the Rescue

Avocados contain healthy monounsaturated fats, which not only help lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol, but their good fats support the cardiovascular system and help reduce inflammation.

Disability is Hot

All this new mainstream media interest in disability is a heartening sign that we are becoming more visible.

Paying for Home Access Modifications

I use a power wheelchair and had saved up money for the down payment on a mortgage. There will be several modifications needed to make this home accessible. One of the first places I turned for assistance was a government agency but was disappointed to learn that I have accumulated too much money and that my salary alone surpasses their limitation. Are there other resources available to people like me so that we can make access improvements or repairs?

Day of Rebirth

This month’s cover story is about the practice of commemorating the onset of paralysis — 10 stories of readers who celebrate the day that changed their lives forever. But soon after I finished writing the stories, I realized my own date, July 11, was upon me, and I had no plan for celebrating the 52nd anniversary of my plane crash.