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Weddings and Wheels

Four weddings that include wheelchair users in unique ways.

Sex, Wheels & Relationships Issue

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Person of the Year: Reveca Torres

Reveca Torres wants to start an image revolution and change the way society sees people with spinal cord injuries and disorders.

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What Makes Us Happy

Tim Gilmer speaks with fellow wheelers in this uplifting story that celebrates family, relationships and vocations.

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The 2016 Consumer Guide

Adaptive products and adaptive lifestyles go hand in hand. Our annual Consumer Guide shows you the tech — and the techniques — for living fully on wheels.

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A Touch of Nature: Accessing Our National Parks

Ashley Lyn Olson launches her Access to Parks Project by exploring three of the national parks that enrich America.

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A Day in the Life of Four Wheelers

Ever wonder how other wheelchair users organize their days? We asked four wheelers to let us tag along with them for one day.

Handizap: The quad’s answer to touchscreens?

Touch screens are the future and they’re everywhere, and if you’re a quad with limited [...]

Lonely Planet Releases Accessible Travel Resources

Travel website Lonely Planet’s Accessible Travel Online Resources is exactly the kind of tool that can help demystify travel.

Access, Transportation and Progress: Everything is Not Awesome

If you took a look at my Facebook feed lately, you’d think that transportation is more accessible than ever.

Photo Contest Finalists

Finalist photos from our contest — sponsored by New Mobility and PhotoAbility — speak louder than words.

Ali Stroker: Bright Light on the Great White Way

Ali Stroker has arrived on Broadway. Will others be able to follow in her wheel tracks?

  • Cartoon of young lady skiing. On her shirt is printed

An Unexpected Plot Twist in My Life

Dealing with the onset and unpredictable path of multiple sclerosis is difficult, but not all changes are bad.

United Spinal Member Sues for Safe and Lawful Ferry Access to the Statue of Liberty

United Spinal Association member and employee David Heard, a wheelchair user, filed a lawsuit Thursday [...]

Atlanta’s Shepherd Center to Offer Free Self-Defense Classes

A self-defense instructor teaches techniques to Shepherd Center inpatients during a June 2015 class. [...]

Illinois Budget Impasse Holds Disabled Hostage

So far Access Living has been able to avoid laying anyone off, but is [...]

  • Tim Gilmer

Bully Pulpit: Options

As a young teen, it goes by the name of masturbation. As a paralyzed adult, it’s called ‘research.’

Motorvation: Motorsports With Hand Controls

Individuals who drive with hand controls have many avenues for participating in motorsports.

Para/Medic: SCI and Low Testosterone Levels

I’m always tired, have difficulty focusing on tasks and have lost enthusiasm for going out and doing my usual sports of handcycling and swimming.