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Taming Our Fear of Flying

Flying can be scary for wheelchair users, but these tips can make for a smooth ride.

The High Costs of Walking

Jessica Harthcock is walking after spinal cord injury. What made it possible?

Kaitlyn & Greg: Spirited, Sexy & Sweet

With infectious joy and spontaneity, this high-energy couple creates sparks wherever they go.

NM Person of the Year: Deborah Davis

As founder of PhotoAbility, TravAbility and PushLiving, Deborah Davis is a one-woman force for inclusion.

The 2014 Consumer Guide

Adaptive products and adaptive lifestyles go hand in hand. Our annual Consumer Guide shows you the tech — and the techniques — for living fully on wheels.

Greg Abbott: The Cowboy Candidate

Attorney General Greg Abbott is running for governor of Texas. He has a record of crushing his Democratic opponents. But Texas’ disability community is fearful that he will ignore their needs. Will he stand his ground?

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  • Can a Doctor Refuse Treatment?

    Can a Doctor Refuse Treatment?

    What happens if a doctor refuses to treat you? That happened to a friend, a wheelchair user with osteogenesis imperfecta (or brittle bone disease).  My friend, like others with OI, has had countless bone fractures.  Recently, she broke her arm as she was reaching for a pencil while working with a group of young students […]

  • Wheelchair Dance Movie Musical Chairs on HBO all April

    Wheelchair Dance Movie Musical Chairs on HBO all April

    There is a lot to love about the wheelchair dance movie, Musical Chairs, which is playing on HBO this whole month. First, it features Push Girl Auti Angel, and here at New Mobility we are die-hard Auti Angel fans. Our pal from Philadelphia, Clark Matthews, also has a cameo in the big dance scene. Second, […]

  • Jesper Odelberg: On the Rise Swedish Comic with CP

    Jesper Odelberg: On the Rise Swedish Comic with CP

    We’ve profiled wheelchair-using comedians before — Megan Gallagher, Zach Anner and the adorable Amy Bruener to name a few — and now we can add Swedish comic Jesper Odelberg to our list. Odelberg hasn’t yet made his big debut in the United States. We’re not quite sure if that’s what he even wants international notoriety, […]

  • Behind the Wheel of a New Van

    Behind the Wheel of a New Van

    Wow, am I sitting up high now!  So high in fact, I can see over almost all the other vehicles on the road. What a feeling of power behind the wheel!  It’s also one of the benefits of ditching my much smaller and lower Honda Civic for a  newly equipped and very accessible van. I’ve […]

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