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Consumer Guide of disability products and services

2018 Consumer Guide

Adaptive products and adaptive lifestyles go hand in hand. Our annual Consumer Guide shows you the tech — and the techniques — for living fully on wheels.

November 2017

Independence: A Quad’s Definition

There’s more to independence than simply being able to do everything for yourself. We asked a handful of quads with caregivers how they define independence and how their definitions have changed since they were injured.

October 2017

quad photographyQuad Photography

Quad Photography

Now that so many people have access to smart phones with decent cameras built in, the art of photography is approachable as never before. Four quadriplegic photographers tell us which adaptations and tricks of the trade work for them.

September 2017

celebrating spinal cord injury anniversary

SCI Anniversaries: Why Do We Celebrate Them?

Some have parties and some reflect quietly, but “Break Your Neck Day” or a “Quadaversary” is a very real thing. Tim Gilmer talks with 10 wheelers to try to understand the motivation and what people get out of this seemingly odd tradition.

August 2017

Making Your Home AccessibleMaking Your Home Accessible

Making Your Home Accessible

Our reporters share ways to make the accessible home of your dreams more of a reality.

July 2017

Adaptive Outdoor AdventuresAdaptive Recreation

Outdoor Recreation Programs for All

Summer is finally here, and we’ve got great recreation ideas including kayaking, sailing, hiking, camping, handcycling and more.

June 2017


  • Mary-Keating-poem

Hospital’s Care (a Poem About SCI and the ER)

Mary Keating found poetry in an ER's inability to understand paraplegia.

  • adaptive-yoga

The Bridge between Yoga and Physical Therapy

Growing up, PT was a pain. But as an adult, adaptive yoga is wonderful.

  • mammogram

It’s Not Easy, But You Must Get Your Mammogram

Accessible mammograms exist, and your local center ought to provide them if they don't already.


  • exercise equipment home gym for wheelchair users

7 Budget-Friendly Products for a High-Performance Home Gym

The best exercises are the ones you’re actually going to do. Here's some equipment to get started.

  • wheelchair pushrims

Pushrim Options for Better Performance

New grips, new shapes and new materials. Here is a list of some pushrim options.

  • accessible travel agents

Not So Secret Agents to Help You Plan Your Next Accessible Trip

Q&As with three travel agencies that provide services specialized for wheelchair users.


  • adaptive-clothing

Tommy Hilfiger, Cat & Jack Offer New Adaptive Clothing Lines

Tommy Hilfiger and Cat & Jack have new adaptive clothing lines.

  • Accessible-Accomable

Built for Access, Accomable Seeks to Challenge AirBnB

Wheelchair users can confidently book accessible rooms using Accomable, which seeks to challenge AirBnB.

  • Sammies

Rory Cooper Honored with a Sammie, the Top Public Service Medal

Rory Cooper, Ph.D. was awarded a "Sammie" — the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal for 2017.


  • shoes for wheelchair users

Relieving Foot Pressure with Shoe Fixes

Finding shoes that fit right and are easy to use can be difficult. Here are two solutions to spare your feet.

Invisible Disability

No one truly comprehends the underlying psychological and emotional causes of addiction.

Crip Buzz: November 2017

Real-Life Access Symbols; Buzzfeed Quiz

Other Recent Articles

GlideWear Skin Protection Underwear is Shear Genius

A look at GlideWear for men and women - undies made for especially for wheelchair users to protect skin and reduce the friction and shear that cause pressure sores.

Wheelchair Add-Ons to Make Commuting Easier

There are countless occasions in my everyday life where it would be much simpler, and more enjoyable, to not have to get in my car. In talking with a few fellow wheelers, I found that there are a few options that can make commuting for a manual wheelchair user more functional.

Bed, Bus and Beyond

Converting a bus to an accessible home on wheels.

Building an Accessible Map for Everyone

Figuring out whether a location has the access you need can be hard. But now an internet giant — Google — is changing the game.

Four Subscription-Worthy Wheelchair-Using YouTubers

Since anyone can post a video, YouTube is extremely accessible for people with disabilities to create their own channels that others can subscribe to. Here are four of our faves.