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2017 PEOPLE OF THE YEAR: Yannick Benjamin & Alex ElegudinYannick Benjamin & Alex Elegudin

People of the Year

In recognition of their contributions to the disability community, we are proud to honor Alex Elegudin and Yannick Benjamin as our 2017 New Mobility People of the Year.

January 2018

flying with a wheelchair, mik scarlet, working with a disability

Flying the Unfriendly Skies

Today more wheelchair users are taking to the skies than ever, but outdated laws and training of airline staff haven’t caught up to that reality yet.

December 2017

Consumer Guide of disability products and services

2018 Consumer Guide

Adaptive products and adaptive lifestyles go hand in hand. Our annual Consumer Guide shows you the tech — and the techniques — for living fully on wheels.

November 2017

Independence: A Quad’s Definition

There’s more to independence than simply being able to do everything for yourself. We asked a handful of quads with caregivers how they define independence and how their definitions have changed since they were injured.

October 2017

quad photographyQuad Photography

Quad Photography

Now that so many people have access to smart phones with decent cameras built in, the art of photography is approachable as never before. Four quadriplegic photographers tell us which adaptations and tricks of the trade work for them.

September 2017

celebrating spinal cord injury anniversary

SCI Anniversaries: Why Do We Celebrate Them?

Some have parties and some reflect quietly, but “Break Your Neck Day” or a “Quadaversary” is a very real thing. Tim Gilmer talks with 10 wheelers to try to understand the motivation and what people get out of this seemingly odd tradition.

August 2017

  • gofundme-new-handcycle

Please Ignore My GoFundMe Request

Please ignore my GoFundMe request. I’m sorry you had to read this.

  • Beyond-Accesibility-Inclusivity

Beyond Accessibility and Toward Inclusivity in Nature

Improving accessibility and inclusivity of nature is crucial for us to be our best selves.

  • hands-free

Hands-Free Open Sesame App Connects Me with My People

The Open Sesame! app makes it possible to use smart phones hands-free.

Leaning into the Ogo

Check out the Ogo and other Segway modifications offering wheelers new mobility options.

  • the Adoption Option

The Adoption Option

Brigham Fordham shares the highs and lows of going through the adoption process twice.

  • Richard Bell

The Broad Palette of Richard Bell

He didn’t fully embrace his passion for art until after he sustained a spinal cord injury, and is not wasting any time making the most of it.

Cyclist Ian Andersen Completes Epic Fundraising Effort for United Spinal Association

Ian Andersen rode 15,000 miles on his bike to raise funds for the United Spinal Association.

  • Science fiction editors

People with Disabilities Are About to Destroy Science Fiction

Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction will start accepting submissions from writers with disabilities starting January 15.

  • tax-overhaul

How the Tax Overhaul Could Affect the Disability Community

On December 20, Congress passed a sweeping tax overhaul that could have serious ramifications for the disability community.

  • Randy Duchesneau

Outdoor Enthusiast Randy Duchesneau

Breakdancing didn’t have the same appeal for Randy after SCI but he found a new hobby miles away from the dance hall.

  • SAM car

The Sam Car: Driving Into Our Future

The SAM car would allow quadriplegics to control all aspects of driving using only their heads.

Gear Hacks: Setting Up a DIY Workspace

In this column, I’ll be looking at a different DIY project or “gear hack” for wheelchair users.

Other Recent Articles

Research Matters: Stem Cell Reality Check

My husband has a C6 injury, and I’ve made it my job to follow any science that promises to help him.

Your Health in a Nutshell

Every kind of nut has a multitude of health benefits. Here are three that are extremely beneficial for people with neurological conditions and/or mobility impairments.

Reframed: The Day Something Changed

It surprised me that this man, a yoga instructor I had just met 15 minutes ago, with long hair, big muscles and tattoos all over his body, was not frightened by my disability and was so genuinely interested in working with me

Wound Therapy ‘Marathon’

The good news: I don’t have urethral cancer. The bad news: My body has sprung a leak — a small stage II pressure sore erupted overnight into a complex stage IV sore.

Please Remain Seated

Cartoonist Mat Barton and collabora­tor Adam Cooper joined the exclusive ranks of cartoonists who’ve been published in the New Yorker. Where will Cooper and Barton (CAB) take “Please Remain Seated”?