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products and services for people with disabilitiesproducts and services for people with disabilities

2018-2019 Consumer Guide

Adaptive products and adaptive lifestyles go hand in hand. Our annual Consumer Guide shows you the tech — and the techniques — for living fully on wheels.

November 2018

Surviving Modern RehabSurviving Modern Rehab

Surviving Modern Rehab: A Tale of Two Injuries

Edie Perkins and Ashton Fritz both survived traumatic spinal cord injuries in the last 18 months, but their journeys to and through rehab couldn’t have been more different.

October 2018

Women in wheelchairs to watchwomwn in wheelchairs to watch

Women to Watch: 5 Under 40

They may not be household names yet, but they are making big impacts in their respective fields, and you’ll be glad we told you to keep an eye on their budding careers.

September 2018

Parenting from a Wheelchair

The Parenting Issue

Seth McBride, Stephanie Arrache and Teal Sherer break down the early years of raising children and share how they — and their kids — have adapted to parenting with a wheelchair.

August 2018

Celebrating Tim

For almost a generation, New Mobility has been guided by our beloved editor, Tim Gilmer. And now, as he retires, it is time to bid him farewell — although we trust he will not go far.

July 2018

Erik Howk one of the most visible wheelchair-using musicians in the world

Eric Howk. The Man

Find out what it’s like being one of the most visible wheelchair-using musicians in the world, what life is like on the road and what went on behind the scenes at the Grammys.

June 2018

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IZ Adaptive Relaunches

After disappearing from the fashion scene for about a year and a half, Stylish clothier IZ Adaptive is back with new looks.

The Terrain Hopper

The Terrain Hopper is a four-wheel drive mobility vehicle that looks closer to an ATV than it does to a power wheelchair.

Explore SPINALpedia

Users have uploaded more than 10,000 videos and helped make the site one of the web’s most definitive portals for everything SCI-related.

Scooter vs. Wheelchair

Emily Shryock just wanted to get to work. But by 9:05 a.m. her path had been blocked three times by Bird Scooters — and she’d had enough.