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Chill Mitchell Wins Hollywood

It’s famously rare for wheelchair-using characters to be played by wheelchair-using actors on screens big and small, yet Darryl “Chill” Mitchell has no problem getting roles. What’s his secret?

September 2016

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Wheeling in Cuba: 90 Miles Away and a World Apart

Cuba is only 90 miles from the tip of Florida, but Josh Basile and his friends found visiting Havana is like wheeling into a 1950s time warp.

August 2016

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Medical Marijuana More Acceptable — and Refined — Than Ever

Innovation in the safe, legal use of medical marijuana heralds a new age with refined strains and delivery methods, and possibly more relief than ever before.

July 2016

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Adventure on the Open Seas

Oceans cover 71 percent of the planet, so why not get out and explore them?

June 2016

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All About Uber

Transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft are revolutionizing the way we get around, but are they leaving riders with disabilities at the curb?

May 2016

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Accessing Ad Land

From a Kleenex tearjerker about a man and his dog to a sweet Honey Maid offering of an aunt bonding with her niece, Ad Land has never featured so many wheelchair users.

April 2016


  • civil-rights

Did We Only Take from the Civil Rights Movement?

Theo Braddy's challenge to disability rights leaders: Fight discrimination and oppression in all its forms, and pursue civil rights for everyone.

  • travel-opportunities-for-people-with-disabilities

Travel Opportunities for People with Disabilities Have Increased, but Is it Too Late For Me?

There are more accessible cruises and resorts. But I wonder if it is too late for me.

Companion Platform Lets Walkers Hitch a Ride on Power Chairs

Judi Chapman invented the Care E On companion platform because she couldn’t keep up with her husband’s wheelchair. Ankle problems had slowed Judi down ...


An Undreadful and Upbeat Story About Neck Surgery

It’s not all sawbones and sutures. It’s full of personality and positivity. So stick around and meet the cast.

Making Peer-to-Peer Lodging Work for You

For adventuresome and authentic travel experiences, consider peer-to-peer lodging websites like Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey and HomeExchange.

Standing Wheelchairs Rise to New Heights

Whether it’s for work or play, standing and elevating wheelchairs offer more options than ever.


  • Superfest

Superfest International Disability Film Festival Celebrates 30 Years

Superfest, the longest running disability film festival, turns 30 this year and shows no sign of slowing down. It's more inclusive than ever.

Details from Hillary Clinton’s Disability Employment Policy Speech

On Sept. 21 Hillary Clinton became the first presidential candidate to give a major speech on a disability issue.

  • Jerika-Bolen

Paralyzed Teen Jerika Bolen Dies, as Planned

Jerika Bolen, the teen at the center of a controversy over whether people with nonterminal disabilities should be allowed to end their lives, has died.


Outdoor Tracks: New Adventure Buddy

She is about a year old now, such a part of the family that we can’t imagine being without her.

SCI Life: September 2016

Alicia Reagan; beach access mats; songs about living with disability

Eating Right When the Budget’s Tight

10 tips on how to get healthy foods in your diet and save money.

September is National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month. Take a moment to visit our Awareness Page.

Other Recent Articles

Micah Fowler of New Sitcom Speechless Speaks

After countless years of watching nondisabled actors play characters with disabilities in movies and on television, a bright spot is on the horizon.

Spotlight: Lafayette, Louisiana

The Cajun Heartland of Louisiana is definitely the one place that I can be myself, eat some of the best food there is, and do what the Cajuns do.

Louisiana: Combining Communities to Broaden Reach

The Louisiana chapter started in 2004 as the Brain Injury Association of Louisiana, aiming to serve the state’s community of people with brain injuries. Last year BIALA joined up with United Spinal.

What Happened to Van Parking Spaces?

Q. I am confused about what has happened to parking spaces for those of us who drive vans and must unload from side ramps or wheelchair lifts.

Raising a Ruckus: Crip This!

Crip-based words should become part of a new, specialized vocabulary, a grab bag of peppy euphemisms for all occasions.