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Accessing Ad Land

From a Kleenex tearjerker about a man and his dog to a sweet Honey Maid offering of an aunt bonding with her niece, Ad Land has never featured so many wheelchair users.

April 2016

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Preparing for Disaster

From hurricanes to wildfires and floods, there's one thing in common: The Red Cross hasn't understood disability.

March 2016

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Weddings and Wheels

Four weddings that include wheelchair users in unique ways.

Sex, Wheels & Relationships Issue

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Person of the Year: Reveca Torres

Reveca Torres wants to start an image revolution and change the way society sees people with spinal cord injuries and disorders.

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What Makes Us Happy

Tim Gilmer speaks with fellow wheelers in this uplifting story that celebrates family, relationships and vocations.

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The 2016 Consumer Guide

Adaptive products and adaptive lifestyles go hand in hand. Our annual Consumer Guide shows you the tech — and the techniques — for living fully on wheels.

Medical Marijuana: Are You Experienced?

Pain is not fun. Way back in 1973 I was laid up in an LA [...]

First I Married My Amazing Husband, Then I Became Paralyzed

On April 6, 2013, I married my amazing husband. On August 13, 2013, I became [...]

How Macaroni and Cheese and Green Beans Helped Me to Develop Grit

Grit is all about being resilient. Failing and getting back up.

Global Perspectives: Wheelchair Users Fight for Visibility

What do Costa Rica, Croatia and Ukraine have in common? Wheelchair users fighting for visibility.

Keeping & Strengthening Friendships Post-Injury

Everything changes after a spinal cord injury, but friendships can still thrive.

The True Cost of Wheelchairs and Components

We looked at some of the expenses involved in bringing complex rehab DME from original concept to the end user.

Landmark Settlement Grants Disabled Immigrants Translation Services on New York Public Transportation.

Senior Staff Attorney Reena Arora, talks strategy with Legal Director Katie Rosenfeld. Whether [...]

Clinton and Sanders Confirm Support of Disability Integration Act

Although they may disagree on various foreign policy issues and argue about the future of [...]

Cody Unser Diving into the Record Books

She is the daughter and granddaughter of Nascar greats Al Unser and Al Unser Jr., [...]

SCI Life: April 2016

Eric Saunders in a different kind of saddle; Pants Up Easy device

Innovations: Traveling Mobility Technology

Companies are making sophisticated travel products for those with more complex needs at reasonable prices.

Para/Medic: Fracture Risk and Treatment Options with SCI

According to a 2005 research publication, people with SCI have a 40 percent incidence of fractures to the lower extremities.