First Ever Accessible Tourism Film Contest

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filmcompThis December 4-7, Malaysia is hosting the 5th International Conference on Accessible Tourism (ICAT) and for the first time ever the conference is holding a short film competition.

Yes, that’s right, ICAT’s putting on an international short film competition searching for films that encapsulate what accessible tourism truly means. Accessible beaches and hotels, easy flying … what does it mean to you? Also, they want each film to briefly touch on how improved inclusive tourism can improve the local economy.

There have been disability film festivals, but no festival has ever specifically focused on inclusive tourism, and this is great.

What’s crazy awesome about this particular film competition, other than that nothing like it has ever been done before, is you can participate even if you can’t be there in person, as long as you have some kind of disability that is. You must also in no way shape or form be affiliated with the competition or conference. You can even submit up to three different films if that’s your style, but only one can make it to the final round.

The maximum duration of the film can only be one minute, so this contest is definitely an opportunity to really get creative. To submit your film, all you need to do is upload it from your YouTube account. Here is the form to officially submit your film

The deadline for submissions is Sept. 30th, 2014, and the top three winners will win the following:

– 1st prize MYR 3,000 ($940 USD)

– 2nd prize MYR 2,000 ($628 USD)

– 3rd prize MYR 1,000 ($314 USD)

Bravo organizers of ICAT for creating such a monumental event! These films will surely create waves of change in the travel industry, and are absolutely certain to entertain and enlighten all who watch.

And remember, living in 2014 rocks. All you need is cell phone with a video camera, and a free copy of Windows Movie Maker. Literally anybody can create their own short film (yes, even you).

Have you made a film? Any trade secrets for noobs?

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