Portlight Strategies, Red Cross Reach Agreement

Portlight Strategies CEO Paul Timmons delivering supplies to an emergency zone.

Portlight Strategies CEO Paul Timmons delivering supplies to an emergency zone.

Portlight Strategies, a disaster relief organization specializing in assisting people with disabilities, has reached an agreement with the American Red Cross that could help both organizations better serve people with disabilities the next time disaster strikes.

“Portlight is excited we have executed an agreement with the Red Cross that will serve as a framework to enhance service to our community,” says Portlight CEO Paul Timmons. “We’re looking forward to working with the Red Cross in a meaningful way, and are pleased to see them embrace our issues.”

As part of the deal, Portlight will recruit people with disabilities to volunteer in various capacities at their Red Cross chapter. This will give the disability community an opportunity to learn about Red Cross services and in turn the Red Cross will learn how to better serve people with disabilities during a crisis.

In previous disasters, the Red Cross had difficulty in promptly meeting the needs of people with disabilities. Portlight will assist the Red Cross in more efficiently gathering vitally needed medical equipment and accommodations in future disasters.

The Red Cross will help coordinate opportunities for both organizations to work together on the local level. They will also participate as often as possible in Portlight’s Getting it Right conferences where state and federal emergency management meet with disability advocates to craft solutions for accessibility challenges.

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