Blogs for Parents who use Wheelchairs

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momonwheels_400I’m constantly inspired by all of the amazing blogs for parents who use wheelchairs. They’ve given me real hope that maybe someday I can do the parenting thing, too.

Take Kara Ayers for example. Kara has osteogenesis imperfecta, which makes her smaller than most people and her bones brittle as well. Her husband has this same disability. In 2010 the couple had a baby and Kara decided to start her blog, WheelerMom, to share how she parents from her wheelchair.

The Wheelchair Mommy is a blog from para Priscilla Hedlin who shares how she does everything as a parent on wheels. She has three young boys and is also married. She definitely shows that being a domestic goddess is possible sitting down 24/7 — so many great tips and inspiring posts.

I also enjoy the parenting blog posts at Easystand from Matthew Tilford and Scott Chesney. Both are devoted dads with paraplegia. The way they open up and talk about how important it is for their kids to look up to them is very much something I can relate to.

And the latest parenting blog that has made me think, “Maybe I could do this after all,” is Parents in Wheelchairs, a new disabled parenting blog from Ali, a paraplegic who met her husband James online. On her site, she goes over all of the products that helped her be a mother, such as a belly tub for easier baby baths, how she met her hubby and her favorite carry sling.

What parenting tips do you have for parents on wheels?