Times Square in New York.

Times Square in New York.

Just in time for New Year’s Eve, the disability-rights groups ADAPT and Not Dead Yet  combined resources to sponsor a video on the Times Square CBS Super Screen. The 10-second video will be shown once an hour for 18 hours a day over three months on the 26-feet wide and 20-feet high Super Screen.

The message is this: Life, because we’re not better off dead, Liberty, in our homes, not nursing homes, and The pursuit of happiness — join our struggle at www.adapt.org and www.notdeadyet.org – also smash devastating myths that have historically prevented many individuals with disabilities from enjoying our full rights and an equal place in our communities.”

In case you missed the nuances of the video’s meaning, a press release explains that “the first message avows that life, with or without disabilities, is worth living.

“The second message asserts that the quality of our lives is greatly enhanced when we are allowed the liberty to live in our own homes and apartments, supported by attendants that we hire and direct.

“The third message calls upon everyone — with or without disabilities — to join us in our historic battle for our civil rights. We are not helpless and we neither need nor want pity. We need equal access to jobs, businesses, places of entertainment, government offices and our own homes.”

Those are certainly the key civil rights issues of our community, and millions of people should learn about them as they stroll or shove their away along busy 42nd Street between 7th and 8th avenues.

These issues are complicated, but the video does an excellent job introducing them in a powerful way to the masses. Believe me, it needs no interpretation; it speaks for itself.