December 2014December 2014

CELEBRATING 25 YEARS    The anchor of our cover package — “EMBEDDED” — was originally published in AARP Magazine, not in NM. Until now. It appeared posthumously in 2007, after its author, Barry Corbet, retired as editor of NM. This masterfully executed narrative is about the challenge of maintaining dignity and independence in a nursing home, written with authority, grace, and humor. Complementing this is “MAKING A DIFFERENCE” — four current reader-contributed stories chosen by our staff as contest winners — especially for this celebratory issue. Plus: BEST COVERS — reader favorites and staff picks.

KING OF THE SKY     Jarrett Martin has never stopped loving the excitement of freefalling, even when he became a T3 para.

THE BIG IDEA     The Reeve Foundation wants you to support epidural stimulation, which just might change your life.

GLACIER BUGGIES     Glaciers are formidable and far from accessible — unless you can catch a ride on a monster-sized Terra Bus.

BLUE MAN DEBATE     Is it time to consider redesigning the international symbol of access? Pro and con essays.

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Nov14COVNovember 2014

2015 Consumer Guide

ADAPTIVE TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY     Best of Gearcrip: Collected reviews of new products.

HEALTH & HYGIENE     Cathing for Women: Finding what works and sticking to it.

FITNESS & SPORTS     Handcycling: Not Just For Paras: Power-assist handcycles tame the outdoors.

MOBILITY & SEATING     Your Next Power Chair: Now is the time to ask for what you want.

AUTOMOTIVE     Affordable Vans and Cars: Tips on how and where to find deals.

DISABILITY SERVICES     Grieving a Service Dog: It’s like losing your best friend.

DISABILITY MEDIA     Worst of Smart Ass Cripple: Four smart ass offerings from Guess Who.

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Oct14COVeOctober 2014

THE EMPLOYMENT GAME     The odds and disincentives are stacked against us. But with a thorough understanding of the rules of the game, we can still work part-time while getting benefits. And for those who are prepared, persistent, and lucky, full-time work can offer a way to thrive.

NM: 25-YEAR ANNIVERSARY     New Mobility stories from 2010-2014: The journey comes full circle with a lasting sense of personal growth.

RACE OF TRUTH     Will Lachenauer tackles the Tour de Nez, a handcycling test of speed and endurance, and finds it’s about more than winning.

QUADS AND FITNESS     It isn’t easy finding ways to exercise when you’re a quad. Here are some fitness tips for those with limited arm function.

ARCHAEOLOGY OF A WOMAN     Sharon Greytak brings her disability perspective to a film about moms, daughters, mystery and dementia.

PARENTING BY THE NUMBERS     Raising five children and 14 grandchildren from a wheelchair? How does Tammy Johnson do it?

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FBPhoto_SeptSeptember 2014

STORIES OF INVENTION     As individuals, our lives are all about inventing ways to deal with not only our disabilities, but also a culture that often considers our needs as an afterthought. So we find ways to go over, under, around and through obstacles. But a few people – authentic inventors – immerse themselves in creative problem solving and come up with products that work for just about all of us. MARK E. SMITH shows us how four wheelers broke through barriers and discovered solutions.

NM: 25-YEAR ANNIVERSARY     New Mobility stories from 2007-2009: A look back at what it means to feel “at home.”

LACROSSE, ANYONE?     Have you noticed a new sport sweeping the nation? S