Ian RuderLast March, I wrote about my abject failure as a sleeper and my quest for nighttime redemption. I ended the column on a cliffhanger, as I received my sleep study results and found out I have extreme sleep apnea.

A few readers inquired to find out what happened next. In all honesty, I’d hoped to have an interesting (if not exciting) conclusion to share.

Sadly, 14 mostly-sleepless months later, and over 66 weeks since my initial sleep study, instead of anything resembling a satisfying result, all I have is another lengthy list of delays and frustrations and more uncertainty. In other words, the same old, same old.

It all started with my doctor confirming what a nurse had already told me: I have sleep apnea, it is extreme, and we needed to schedule another sleep study to get better data and come up with a solution. As unexcited as I was about another night sucking down the jet engine-like airflow of a CPAP machine, I signed up for