December 2020
‘2021 Consumer Guide’

The Flying FreeWheel: I love my FreeWheel and have also found it transformative [“Refining Your Manual Wheelchair”]. I live in New York City, and it is great at going over lousy sidewalks and bad curb ramps. Also, it makes small jumps much easier, like hopping across the gap getting on a subway. My speed is about doubled.

My younger boy spent a couple years riding around in my lap. We did get tossed out of my chair once due to the FreeWheel’s hook getting caught on a metal basement access door that protruded too much into the sidewalk. I have since trimmed the hook on the back of the footplate so it is not as close to the ground. A Dremel or hack saw does the trick.
Jim Felakos

Send Your Dragon to Boot Camp: I noticed that you use Mac. Do you use Dragon on Windows in Boot Camp, or through a virtualization tool like Parallels [“Making Technology Work for You”]? I’ve used it in Parallels, but it runs very slowly. I’m curious if it runs better in a Boot Camp environment. I’m also concerned that the new Mac processors won’t support Boot Camp, which will limit our options.
Emmett Lyman

Author Michael Franz responds: I’ve used Dragon with both Parallels and Boot Camp. In my experience I’ve found Boot Camp to be better for Dragon but it’s not as good as I would like. I actually have a Windows laptop just to use Dragon with. I share your concerns about the new