Ian RuderI am thrilled with the selection of Andrea Dalzell as New Mobility’s Person of the Year. As Teal Sherer writes in this month’s cover story, Dalzell’s story centers around many of the events and issues that defined 2020, and she is a compelling and tenacious advocate who embodies the best of our community.

Honestly, as we assembled this issue and looked back on the year that was, it struck me that she is too good for 2020. A year as infamous as 2020 doesn’t deserve her or any of the other candidates we considered. As I thought about it, I wondered: Who, or what, would be a better emblem of the year we can’t wait to forget?

That’s when I discovered Dumpster Fire PPE Edition. Scholars are still debating the origins and etymology of “dumpster fire,” but according to NPR, Urban Dictionary had a working definition as early as 2008. Me