ADA Impact
Excellent job highlighting the importance of the ADA law and how it has made a difference in the lives of those that live with a disability (“The ADA Enforcers,” July 2020). The testimonials certainly highlight the challenges to enable accessibility and improvements in the quality of life for so many. Thank you for sharing your work to educate everyone and to create greater awareness.
Frank Fernandez

A Table Too Low
Thanks for your column (“Ervin: Taking the ADA on the Chin,” July 2020). In one assisted living facility I lived in — I am in my fourth — I went to great lengths to have my wheelchair measured so that I could fit under the table. After many fittings, the maintenance crew decided the answer was to have the table legs replaced only when I was eating, but not permanently. It must have been a relief when I moved.
Kathy Dumas
Roseville, Minnesota

Beyond Access
A very good read and right to the point (“Big Ideas In Travel And Tourism,” July 2020). Big businesses are still allowed to avoid implementing the needs of everyone, yet smaller businesses have to ensure they meet the requirements or they do not receive a permit. If you make your voices loud enough and challenge everyone that is breaking the law with the law, change will be achieved.
Simon Williams

Enforcement Needed
The problem is no teeth to the enforcement of ADA laws on one hand, and predatory lawyers who blanket businesses with demand letters looking for a quick settlement on the other — which ultimately results in a business owner fearing that every disabled guest is a potential lawsuit rather than a customer.
Jake Steinman

Help Picking a Doctor
The presentation by Dr. Stil