These are three of my favorite YouTubers (“Beyond the Screen with Social Media Influencers,” April 2020). They provide lots of entertainment and insights that everyone can benefit from.
Charity Haynes

Switch for Google?
Can Switch Control be used on a Google Pixel phone? (“Switch Control Changed My World,” April 2020.)
Chuck Foss

Todd Stabelfeldt responds:
I know Google/Android has created its own version of Switch Control called Switch Access, but I have little experience with that particular assistive technology. I do know every manufacturer has pros and cons, but the few folks I knew who were using Android’s version ultimately switched over to Apple’s Switch Control for various reasons, which mainly included ease of use. I know the Tecla Bluetooth interface will use any platform. Here is a YouTube link of me explaining how my setup works with Apple’s Switch Control: youtu.be/kj9UodcwIes. Keep pressing on and digging deep to find what works best for you.

Hotel Planning
I find that many times accessible rooms have only two doubles or one queen (“Dear Hotels, Wheelchair Users Have Families, Too,” April 2020). My husband and I want to sleep together, and a queen is a bit tight (I use a lot of pillows, and my husband is a restless sleeper). We have spouses, too!

I always, always call the hotel (not the reservation line; look up the actual hotel’s number) a day or two before we arrive to double-triple-check that we’re getting the room we want. About 60% of the time, it’s not in the system the way we wanted. They can usually accommodate us. Also, if you need to check in late, let them know, because if someone else needs an accessible room with, for instance, a roll-in shower, and they get there before you, you may lose that specific room.
Kathy Stice