Ian RuderMusic has played a huge part in helping me maintain my sanity during the COVID-19 quarantine, as I’ve found that the right song or album can set the tone for the day and provide inspiration when it might be hard to find. Whether it’s Bob Marley reassuring me every little thing is gonna be all right, or R.E.M. letting me know that the end of the world starts with an earthquake, not a virus, I’m a sucker for finding unintended meanings or purposes for the music I enjoy.

When The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go” started playing on Spotify recently, my brain kicked into high gear. This might be simply because it’s a killer song, but I think it’s more that the title and central lyric mirror a question that has been incessantly on my mind since I barred the doors and windows and took refuge in my bubble: If I do end up catching COVID-19, how long should I stay at home, and when should I go to the hospital?

If there is a “correct”