Your Body Matters
It took me 15 years to heed the wise advice about taking care of your body that Regan Linton dispenses in her February article (“Self-Image and Intimacy: Beating the Body Rut,” NEW MOBILITY, February 2020). I wish I had listened sooner. As difficult as our bodies can be after SCI, they are still our bodies, and they need our care and respect. Since I started listening to my aches and pains and proactively working to relieve them, everything about my day-to-day life has been better. I only wish I could go back and start sooner.
Tyson Carr
Springfield, Missouri

Love Yourself
I had to love what I had to offer first, and then make it exciting (“Sex is Not Intimacy — A Cautionary Tale,” Blogs,, Mar. 7). I also make people like or fall in love with me first, and the sex becomes secondary. I make it a point to have fun with it within my limitations, and I may need some help along the way. It is all about acceptance and how you let your partner know you have [learned] to accept what you have and make fun of the situation.
Elizabeth Valdez

Honesty is Key
What a truthful and honest story that I hope will inspire both men and women who are facing relationships when a disability is a factor (“Sex is Not Intimacy — A Cautionary Tale”). Thanks for sharing.
Tracy Netherton

Those Crazy Walkies
Very insightful and hysterical! Simply marvelous! (“Hilarious Ableist Tendencies in Chat Rooms,” Blogs,, Feb. 21.) I also get from walkies, “You’re such an inspiration!” Why? For not being dead? Or urinating all over myself? Lol! I mean, I don’t want to be your f**king “inspiration.” I just want to be given the opportunity to exist.
Sara Sheranian