accessible hotel room

Twelve years ago, I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Two and a half years later, my second amazing son came into this world. They were born after my multiple sclerosis diagnosis, but before MS would require me to use a wheelchair. Fast forward to today, and I’m traveling around the world in my power wheelchair, almost always by myself. I’m also a part-time single mom, and now that my sons are 11 and 9, I made the decision that they’re old — and responsible — enough to travel with me.

I was nervous the first time I brought my boys with me on a trip. My mother traveled with us just in case I needed help with anything from pumping gas to child supervision while I used the bathroom. I picked Atlanta for a road trip in June 2018 because we could reach it in a day’s drive from my home near Orlando, and it’s filled with family-friendly and wheelchair-accessible things to do. I had already spent hours planning our activities