In Decent Sea

I agreed to get back out on the water with friends last summer on a hot September day. It was good, but I was stuck in one place since the boat was not made for a wheelchair. I was dutifully nailing flag duty as we towed some inner tubes behind, but as the day progressed, beer and ice water were no longer keeping me cool. My friends’ solution? It was my turn in the water, and they wanted to drag me in one of the inner tubes. Never one to forgo a challenge, I figured, why not?

I traded my T-shirt for a life vest, and my friends managed to get me safely off the boat and into the blue stuff. Waterskiing had been a hobby growing up, so I was relatively comfortable with the logistics. I climbed up and onto the tube and held on for dear life as we picked up speed. Everything was going well, until the inflatable arced up and my bottom half slid off the back into the water. As a massive wake approached I held on tight … but my shorts didn’t. I lost them entirely once I came over the crest of the wave.
– Saboataged