Nurses Rock
How lovely to get my copy of NEW MOBILITY and see Michelle Kephart on the cover (“Nurses on Wheels,” April 2019). The article on nursing is excellent. I was privileged to meet Michelle at the Women’s Camp in the Colorado mountains in 2011 or 2012. She is as extraordinarily kind as she is beautiful. I’m glad to have the cover photo of her as memory is so … changeable.
Patty Lee

Struggles of Socialized Medicine
I suffered a spinal cord injury while living in Belgium, which has a single payer system like Bernie Sanders is proposing (“Is ‘Medicare for All’ Medicare for Us?,” April 2019). I want everyone to know that such a system would be the absolute worst scenario for people with spinal cord injuries. While in the Belgian hospital for two months, they did a number of things wrong, including giving me a hospital-borne lung infection. As soon as I was over the lung infection, the company I worked for found me a private spinal cord rehab hospital in Switzerland. I was moved there, and they had to correct all the mistakes made in Belgium. Because of the Belgian mistakes, it took another full seven months for me to get well enough to be released and manage on my own.

Socialized medicine may be great for annual physicals and people who have the flu, but for anything a little less common, there is no incentive for government to invest in the resources needed to treat less common injuries or diseases. Please do not vote for anyone who says they want to move to Medicare for All. It will be a disaster for those of us with spinal cord injuries and for many others with less common injuries or diseases.
Jeff Yonker

Editor’s note: Everyone in Switzerland is required to have private health care insurance, with those who work subsidizing the young, old and unemployed. Although Switzerland is ranked number one in Europe, Belgium