A Lovely Reminder
Wow, what a beautifully written article (“‘Doing Life’: Pushing Beyond Fear,” December 2018)! One day I would love to meet Kenny Salvini. He is one of my heroes. Thank you for this wonderful article that gives insight into your struggles and victories and what determination can accomplish.
Marna Peterson

Doing Great Things
What a wonderful story about Habitat for Humanity (“An Affordable Path to Home Ownership,” December 2018). They certainly can do great things, especially for those that need wheelchair accessible homes.
David R. Coffield

Encouraging Progress
Way to go Habitat (“An Affordable Path to Home Ownership,” December 2018)! These are encouraging stories of what can be done to include universal design features in an affordable house that accommodates people who use wheelchairs.
Rosemarie Rossetti

Gawker Addendums
How about these additions to the “Gawker Classification System,” (Bully Pulpit, December 2018):

Hot Damn, He’s in a Chair: 7 — These individuals are checking you out, but then glance down and look away.

Over-helpers: 9.25 — These people tend to go out of their way to make a big production over helping you. For example, a guy driving a good 100 feet from me as I’m going in or exiting a store who insists on stopping everything to let me go by. If he would have gone by, things would have proceeded flawlessly.

Ashamed Parkers: 10 — This is a common species rocking a disabled placard from when Aunt Flo had hip surgery. When they see me exiting