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‘Doing Life’: Pushing Beyond Fear

Doing life post-SCI often requires a cultivated fearlessness, says Kenny Salvini in this month’s cover story. He talks with other wheelers about how, whatever your passions, making a habit of pushing your limits can reap big rewards. “At some point, you flip from fearing what might go wrong to fearing you’ll miss out on the growth that lies just beyond.”


Mark E. Smith — ‘The Wheelchair Junkie’ — Has Died

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of our longtime contributor and friend, Mark E. Smith. He was a vital voice for not only New Mobility, but for the whole disability community, and his passion will be missed. “Smith, never a complainer, battled cancer in his final months in his typical style, remaining grateful for his life, work and family,” writes Tim Gilmer in our obituary.


Wheelz Takes on the 50 Footer!

If you have a few seconds to spare, take a look at this video of Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham — the newly-minted Hot Wheels action hero — putting all his powers to the test with a smooth, laid-out front flip over a 50-foot gap. This guy has always been ridiculous, but whoa. No wonder it already has half a million views on Facebook.


Gawker Classification System

You know the type: people whose minds are apparently blown by seeing a wheelchair user out in public enjoying their life. In response, Ian Ruder developed the Gawker Classification System — with subcategories ranging from “quick peekers” to “statues,” “jaw droppers” and “talkers.” Why let the social ineptitude of others ruin your night on the town? Instead, turn it into a fun game for you and your friends!

Habitat for Humanity: An Affordable Path to Home Ownership

Finding an affordable, functional home can be difficult these days, and even more so when you need accessibility modifications. Fortunately, the national nonprofit Habitat for Humanity has a history of building quality, accessible homes for people with disabilities. A home built for your needs, at a price that’s typically a fraction of a conventional mortgage? It’s definitely worth checking out.

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