Retired Marine and handcyclist Leigh Sumner credits her Excy portable exercise cycle for swiftly getting her back on the road after she took a tumble. “On August 22, while adaptive mountain biking in Colorado, I had an impressive end-over-end downhill crash and fractured my right wrist and hand,” says Sumner, a para. “But I started back on Excy on September 13, riding it every few days as my injury healed and my confidence grew.”

By mid-October, she was racing again, coming in as the second female handcycler in the Army Ten-Miler and the fourth in the Marine Corps Marathon. “Neither of those are personal records, but I’m very pleased with these results coming off injury,” says Sumner. “I already loved Excy, but I wasn’t sure it would get me race ready. It did!”

Retailing at $499 and up, depending on model, the system comes with PT-Helper, a mobile coach that can be used to set up a personalized training program. More info