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Coming Home: Surviving Modern Rehab

Joining the SCI club is “the most expensive, annoying, unfair situation,” writes Sam Maddox, for “the least exclusive group ever.” With short rehab stays and increasingly inflexible insurance companies, acute SCI can present a whole maze of obstacles these days. Maddox shares how a pair of paralysis neophytes were able to use peer support, a networked SCI community and the kindness of strangers to build a path forward.


Combining Epistim and Activity-Based Therapy Holds Promise for Walking

A big word has recently come out of the epidural stimulation trials at the University of Louisville — walking. Bob Vogel examines how a combination of epistim and activity-based therapy is continuing to make big leaps in functional recovery from SCI.

They Went How Fast in a Handcycle?

Using a highly engineered trike plunked into an aerodynamic “egg” with no windows and no steering, Scottish para-athletes Karen Darke and Ken Talbot just propelled themselves across a stretch of tarmac in the Nevada desert at speeds normally reserved for adrenalin junkies descending a mountain. Speeds of 46 and 51 mph on a handcycle? On the flats? Bravo.


Pulling Back the Curtain on ‘The Curious Case of Charles Krauthammer’

August’s News Analysis on the renowned conservative columnist and commentator Charles Krauthammer ignited a firestorm of online commentary, with opinions on the piece ranging from “cowardly” and “offensive” to “wonderfully written and well balanced.” Editor Ian Ruder pulls back the curtain on the process that led to the piece, and why he’s proud that NM can serve as a forum for such heated debate.


Where to Turn When Wounds Won’t Heal

When you have a chronic, non-healing wound, pressure may only be part of the problem. “While bed rest and offloading are critical to closing the wound, a more comprehensive protocol that ensures adequate blood supply, protein-rich nutrition, antibiotics, proper positioning, cleanliness, and a home support team is also required,” writes Tim Gilmer


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