Allen RuckerAs you’ve no doubt heard, the TV business in America is going crraaa … zzzy. There are now more scripted TV shows airing in one season — 500 and counting — than at any time in the history of mankind. That’s double the amount just six years ago and 10 times the amount when Archie Bunker and the Fonz ruled the earth. You can’t watch all the great new shows, let alone just the good ones, even if you are an insanely dedicated binge-aholic.

Have we reached the pinnacle of this great TV programming glut? Hardly. The first Netflix streaming series, House of Cards, aired Feb. 1, 2013. Five years later, Netflix will spend six billion dollars on new content, adding to the 126 or so original series it ran in 2017. The streaming revolution, already at full-bore with Netflix, Amaz